Welcome to She Muses, the Official Blog of Danielle Sainte-MarieHi everyone, and a big 'HELLO' to all the Scholars of the Leaf! This is She Muses, where my blog articles eventually become collected and put into books, titled, She Muses. Only a tiny fraction of the articles here make it into the books, however, so even if you have read everything on my blog, you will still find a lot of new material in the books! I am so glad you have decided to join me. I know the internet is a huge place with many options and that your time is valuable, so let's get to the good stuff, and again, welcome!

Be Like the Crow's CawLet your treasures be in your deeds, but let not your treasures be in your love, possession, or feelings ABOUT your deeds. This means to be like the caw of the crow: it races across the sky traveling away from you and yet does this in Doppler effect with no feet to run or voice to harm the sky. It makes use of sky, but does not break it apart or leave its permanent mark. Like the crow's caw, let your deeds of compassion and love come from your authenticity; never become attached to your deeds, and then your treasures will also soar around the world for many to see and hear, while never breaking anything - or anyone - apart. So, let your treasures be your deeds, but not be about your deeds.

The Blade Does Not Cut ItselfIt is intelligence to have seen all the pain in the world and to have shored one's self up against it, to become strong. But, it is wisdom to see all the pain in the world and then understand it by acceptance of what is. Then, no pain and no danger can ever come again, because they simply do not exist anymore. The Ninja's heart becomes the sword, because the sword can never cut itself.

Affirm BeautyRemember: all of life is working as it should; people know beauty and gentleness in the world because of the sordid and disgusting things of this world. So, we should never wish to make the world into seeing nothing but beauty, for that would be a fool's folly and a great mistake. Instead, simply try to be as the noonday sun, and bring deep warmth to all those around you. In this way, you will affirm beauty and let all move towards what shines so pure.

No FormsI am not my mind; I am not my body; I am not this life; I am not any gods' property. What am I? Let no forms penetrate in your understanding. Keep symbols away. Do not understand, and do not not understand. Just be, but do not think about beingness.

The Union of Your MindFrom the One Idea came the two,
And from the two came the manyness -
Now we have trillions of 'things'
All reflecting the influence of the One,
If we can look deeply enough -
And not be fooled by nature's endearing masks.
There are no such things as ideas or feelings that are spiritual and not physical. The realms of spiritual, mental, and physical are all the same thing.
For instance, your brain is physical matter. It has been sliced and weighed by scientists for a long time. All your feelings first get processed through the brain. And, any spiritual insights you have come from your thoughts, which means from your brain. So, the physical, mental and spiritual are simply one and the same thing. There is no division. Today, try seeing this connection more actively. In fact, it's not even a connection: it is literally all the same thing. It's like a grander picture. Instead of seeing just the moon, now you see the Milky Way Galaxy of which it is a part. And then you expand your vision to see that the moon is part of the universe. And thus, the universe is part of...
Look at physical things today and see them as pure spirit. Try it. Look at your thoughts and prayers as movement of the physical. Then realize these divisions do not exist in advanced enlightenment.

1914: Jehovah's Witnesses About to Fail at Prophecy Yet AgainWithout going into a bunch of details that will bore my readers, I have something to say of great importance. First, I was raised in an abusive, brainwashing cult called Jehovah's Witnesses. This very subject will be the focus of a book to help others coming out of cults to assimilate into the real world. But, for now, I want to say that the Jehovah's Witness religion has a long history of failed prophecies. When the prophecy does not come true, they claim that the reason it failed is that 'The light grew brighter,' which means that they were so lost to Satan's world and its religions that they find it difficult to know what truth is. The further they separate themselves from the world's religions (and the world in general), the closer they get to Jehovah.
Well, their latest prophecy is that the deaths of those old enough to remember 1914 (the year World War I started) will signal the end of this 'system of things' through Armageddon. They believe this 1914 generation is the one Jesus mentioned when he said, "This generation will by no means pass away until all these things (war) occur."
Okay, so listen up my friends: this will not happen. Armageddon will only happen if Trump is elected. That was a joke (or, was it?), so laugh a little. Anyways, this whole mess is yet another failed prophecy to be, and when it happens yet again, I hope you will remember to question the faith you have in Jehovah's Witnesses. I mean, if I am in the world, and thus am part of 'Satan's plan' according to these misguided people, then how could I know that Armageddon (God's war) is not happening? Obviously, Jehovah's Witnesses are incorrect (about 99% of their lives).
The end is not coming right now, but your liberation from the Jehovah's Witnesses just may be nigh. All you have to do is realize you have been lied to. That's the first step. Question everything, no matter how many times they tell you not to!
Much Love,
And Still Your Sister -

Two Friends (Poem)Two Friends, Poem

Sonnet NotesHere are some of my personal, unabridged notes that I wanted to share after finishing work on my Elizabethan era play Through the Mullioned Door, which I hope to get performed at The Shakespeare Festival, in Cedar City, UT. The play will be in my forthcoming book Return to Elizabeth as well! The play contains 32 sonnets plus another poem, with some 'Danielle Sainte-Marie' sonnet-styles I invented. These notes are details about Sonnet no.1. I hope you enjoy the notes. They give an insight into what goes on in my brain, and in the fine art of writing poetry.

Danielle Sainte-Marie Sonnet: True Volta turn at 14, 10 syllables each line but for line 14 there are 14 syllables. Rhyme scheme is ABAB, BABC, DCDEE, F (Note: can be altered for future sonnets by appropriating CDEEF in place of 3rd stanza, or may be added on for further effect if turning sonnet to antivdactylus/spondee.) This makes the rhyme scheme as sequential in alphabet throughout the poem by English standards, but plays to triskaidekaphobia in chronological numerical arrangement, to wit: A (1st line), B (4th line), B (5th line), C (8th line), D (9th line), E (12th line) for a 1,3,1,3,1,3 coordination of primary content lines. The couplet of the sonnet is found in lines 12 and 13, which has never been done; True Volta at 14
Sonnet no.1
Some poet of gospel, I fear, has writ
I as darkling into his pages' fate,
His speaker's mind somewhere verily split,
Leaving the poet in unawares state
This has come to rule my pained mind of late
No food or drink can make the feeling quit
So I see unknown lands, it sounds so prate
I visit nightly a woman and door
But, I never built that door or met her
I see actors playing me and her, what for?
Has a god become my biographer?
So I am tortured, my friend, of a ghost,
She in ether that I could love the most.

Or, might this be, my family's curse of insanity?

A 10
B 10
A 10
B 10
B 10
A 10
B 10
C 10
D 10
C 10
D 10
E 10
E 10
F 14

Fixing YourselfFixing Yourself