BOOK TWO in the amazing trilogy involving science fiction, thriller and metaphysical elements! Daniel trains with the Ninja!



    In this thrilling, intriguing first novel in the trilogy, a young boy named Daniel learns he may not be human. And, someone is out to kill him and everything he loves. But, why?

  • She Muses, Ternion

    She Muses, Ternion

    The third powerful sequel in the popular She Muses series! Zen, Buddhism, humor, martial arts, film, etc.

  • She Muses, Too

    She Muses, Too

    The second fascinating series of collected blog articles from Danielle! Wisdom, philosophy, humor, Zen and more!

  • She Muses

    She Muses

    The first in a very entertaining and thought-provoking series of articles by Danielle.

  • The Poetess

    The Poetess

    Hailed by readers around the world, this novelette about a young talented girl dealing with great tragedy will inspire and move you!

  • Tiny Branches that Hold Up the Moon

    Tiny Branches that Hold Up the Moon

    This amazing book of Zen inspired poetry contains many interesting ideas on being human, and more.

  • BIID Uncensored

    BIID Uncensored

    In this revealing, highly personal interview with Dr. Chloe Jennings-White, we learn so much about the need for authenticity.

  • Dead Black Bird in a Furnace

    Dead Black Bird in a Furnace

    A dark book of poetry, torment, and haunts-- with a positive message at the end. Can change your life.

  • Pride (I am Self-Identified!)

    Pride (I am Self-Identified!)

    A ground-breaking and unique book on authenticity that covers business, religion, relationships, and more!

  • An Open Book is a Mind about to Soar

    An Open Book

    Written for young adults 8-15, to introduce them to poetry and short stories with positive ethics involved. Includes anti-gang story.

  • The Silent Syllable

    The Silent Syllable

    The silent syllable is the breath between sounds, the dark matter of space, and the space between these letters. Poetry like this is worth investigating!

  • Mikkyo Calendar

    Mikkyo Calendar

    Mikkyo calendar with inspiring images and important dates! Recurring item. Always sold one year ahead.

  • A Glimpse to Open Pt You [II] Deluxe

    A Glimpse to Open Pt You [II] Deluxe

    Danielle's sequel, this book of poetry and essays has a really sharp edge. Contains favorites I Am Song, The Path, and more. Full color.

  • A Glimpse to Open Pt Eye [I] Deluxe

    A Glimpse to Open Pt Eye [I] Deluxe

    Contains her epic, The Sunset and the Shadow and her international award-winning 'concrete' poem, Complete Another Time

  • A Glimpse to Open Pt You [II] Paperback

    A Glimpse to Open Pt You [II]

    The paperback version of her poetry book without the illustrations. Much cheaper, but still great!

  • A Glimpse to Open Pt Eye [I] Paperback

    A Glimpse to Open Pt Eye [I]

    Her first poetry book spans four decades of selected poems! Cheaper than the deluxe version, but still with all the great content!

  • Kolton and Jade Rabbit go to the Moon

    Kolton and Jade Rabbit

    A young boy follows a mysterious mist and meets a rabbit on a quest to heal the world. B/W illustrations.

  • Bowie's Not Dead Yet

    Bowie's Not Dead Yet

    Impressionism against the setting of a not-too-distant planet called Heart. What is love, and how does it happen? Might the building of Truth have some answers? An epic poem for those who miss David Bowie as much as I do.

  • The Sonnet Story of Danielle and Chloe

    The Sonnet Story

    The private story in sonnets of the romance between the authoress and her wife, Dr. Chloe Jennings-White. Sonnets of true love, not lust or infatuation. Pictures from their personal photo album too.

  • Return to Elizabeth

    Return to Elizabeth

    Return to Elizabeth takes the reader from modern times through the use of poetry to the Elizabethan era; contains an original Elizabethan play that would have made even the Bard proud!

  • The Sonnets: 57-157

    The Sonnets: 57-157

    This book is a wildly confessional foray into Danielle's crazy life! An absolute must-read! She does classical sonnets and even reinvents the form for the modern age! You will love it